“Very Helpful”

“Bob Auger of Helping Congregations Heal was very helpful to us at a challenging time for our church staff, our relationships with each other and our congregation. He helped us approach our issues from a systems perspective that offered some objectivity and clarity so that we could move away from finger pointing toward greater self-awareness and healing.”

Scot Gillan, senior pastor
Naperville Evangelical Covenant Church, Naperville, IL

“Grace and Wisdom”

“With grace and wisdom, Dr. Madvig was able to enter into our community and provide much needed assistance. Though we had many different opinions, emotions and ideas about a difficult situation at our church, Brian was able to bring us together and provide tools for us to move forward as one body. The gifts God has given him to bring healing to people and churches was a great blessing for us.”

Greg Applequist, pastor
Bethany Covenant Church, Lyndhurst, OH

“Committed to Reconciliation”

“Dr. Brian Madvig is committed to reconciliation and convinced that we can be God’s reconciling agents. He has a wonderful and powerful way to bring conflicted parties together. A great listener and encourager, he draws the best from people and leaves a trail of hope and peace. Delightful to work with, Brian replaces fear with joy, and gently but firmly moves parties closer together.”

Steve Armfield, associate superintendent
Great Lakes Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church


“I have utilized the services of Brian Madvig in three church-conflict situations, and have been very pleased with both the process and the results. One of the great benefits to having Brian on board is the fact that discernment is not left up to me alone. We’ve shared in the discernment process. Bottom line: If you are headed into a major conflict, I highly recommend that you consider using Brian’s services.”

Garth McGrath, superintendent
Great Lakes Conferences of the Evangelical Covenant Church

“Capable and Sensitive”

“Dr. Brian Madvig, brought exceptional listening and group process skills to a church in transition. His capable and sensitive leadership brought confidence and solace to a stressful situation. He engaged the presence and appropriate participation of the regional conference staff as full partners in the process, thus enabling a continuing positive involvement with the church and its leaders.”

Don Robinson, associate superintendent
North Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church

“True Partnership”

“When we asked Brian to come to come and work with our congregation, we were experiencing a time of significant transition and pain. Before coming, Brian thoughtfully engaged the leadership, to gain a sense of the pulse of the congregation and what strategies might be most beneficial. He was passionate in his desire to understand the soul and culture of our congregation. He designed his work accordingly. He brought his remarkable skills for facilitation, listening and engagement. He was able to diffuse tensions and help us begin understanding what was happening in our family.

“Our experience with Brian was that of a true partnership. His work with us was fully Christ centered, using the scriptures as a profound road map for reconciliation and new life. He was essential in our beginning to create the climate for restoring trust. As a result of Brian’s work with us, we began to rediscover those qualities that have so significantly bound us together as a community in Christ and started moving forward together.”

Dan Johnson, co-chair
Trinity Covenant Church, Salem, OR

“A Safe Environment”

“At a time of unprecedented issues within my church, Brian came to help all of us find our voices. He is truly gifted in creating an atmosphere where every person has an opportunity to share experiences and opinions in a safe and non-combative environment. Brian’s leading was not overbearing or coercive in any way, and yet he has a way of getting people to openly share their feelings about what has been happening at church. The result of working with him is a church body that is on its way back to health and intentionally living out Jesus’s love.”

Church Member
Fairfield, OH